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Get the Jump on the Holidays by Starting Your Weight Loss Program Now

Standing on weight machine

Are you struggling with weight gain? Does exercise and dieting only get you so far before you start seeing the scale creep back up? Many people struggle with weight loss, often because they have the deck stacked against them due to genetics or hormonal imbalances.

Sylvan Weight Loss and Aesthetics in Fresno, California is dedicated to helping people lose weight safely under supervised medical weight loss programs. Instead of fad diets and dangerous non-FDA-approved pills, you can lose weight effectively and safely under the care of a medical team. 

Calorie restriction weight loss

Our basic weight loss program focuses on calorie limits. We help create a diet plan that’s reasonable and that you can stick to. This means setting portion limits on foods you love, and learning to find new foods that satisfy you without going over your daily calorie limit.

For those who want to go beyond simply counting calories, we also provide physician-guided modified fasting. Modified fasting is a low calorie diet that limits carbohydrates and fats and replaces them with lean protein.

Our system uses high-protein, supplemented meal replacements to simplify the process. This makes it easier to control cravings, since you don’t have to make multiple food-based decisions every day. 

Weight loss assistance

Our team can also evaluate your health and weight loss goals, and provide additional assistance. 

Acupuncture staple

Stimulating the vagus nerve can help naturally suppress appetite and aid in weight loss. We provide an acupuncture staple to help you control your urge to eat. This is a stainless steel tack placed in your cheek near your ear, which you can press when you feel cravings.

Lipo-Plex injections

If needed, we can give you Lipo-Plex injections in our office. These contain vitamin B-12 and other micronutrients that can help you in your weight loss journey. It’s important to keep up with all aspects of your weight loss plan, as the shots alone aren’t intended to be a complete weight loss solution. 

Tablets and pills

If you constantly feel hungry, CellPress tablets can help. These are made of cellulose, which expands in your stomach and helps you feel full. The cellulose is safely flushed from your body as natural waste. 

Diucaps™ contain L-phenylalanine which suppresses your appetite and reduces food consumption. We also offer other medically indicated prescription-strength appetite suppressants for use with your sensible nutrition and exercise plan. 

Pills and tablets should be used only as a part of your medical weight loss plan. Our team is always available to ensure your safety and health, and to provide you with support as you lose weight.

Ready to get a headstart on your weight loss program? Schedule a consultation by calling 559-432-3438, or book an appointment online