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Have You Considered Meal Replacements to Help You Lose Weight?

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Weight loss requires sacrifice and hard work, but sometimes our body resists the process. In these cases, a more aggressive diet plan might be necessary to make headway. For some, this progress may come after a fasting program. Meal replacements can be a great way to supplement your body while fasting, so you can still get all of your necessary nutrients while not taking in calories. 

Sylvan Weight Loss and Aesthetics in Fresno, California provides experienced insight and assistance to help patients lose weight. From appetite suppressants to meal replacements, our experts can provide you with an adaptable, effective weight loss program. As long as you’re committed, we can help you reach your goal weight and turn over a new leaf. 

The real skinny on meal replacements 

If you’ve never heard of meal replacements before, the idea might sound daunting. 

You’re allowed one meal a day: you can have approximately 400 calories of meat and vegetables for dinner. Breakfast, lunch, and all of your snacks are replaced with packets and drinks consisting of liquid protein. These packets and drinks curb your craving for food, while still giving you all the vitamins and minerals you need to go about your day. 

Meal replacements are a form of modified fast. Instead of eating nothing, which can be painful and unhealthy, you’re providing your body with the nutrients it needs — without added calories. 

How meal replacements can help you

It’s important to remember that fasting is a serious weight loss program. If you haven’t tried normal dieting and exercise yet, it’s recommended that you attempt that first. For those who are struggling to shed pounds using traditional methods, modified fasting with meal replacements can be an invaluable weight loss tool.  

Meal replacement fasting requires a strong commitment. The process requires you to give up snacks, unhealthy foods, and what you may be conditioned to think of as “normal” meals. In return, you can expect noticeable weight loss. 

Once you’re finished with the meal replacement regimen, you can continue to maintain your progress with a more well-rounded diet and exercise program. Our team of weight loss experts can help you overcome challenges and establish a healthy lifestyle, so you can keep the pounds off and enjoy the results of your hard work. 

Are you frustrated with your current weight loss plan? Do you feel like you’re stagnating? Meal replacements can help you get back on track and begin losing weight faster than ever. To learn more, contact Sylvan Weight Loss and Aesthetics by calling 559-432-3438, or by booking an appointment online