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The Role of Appetite Suppressants in Weight Loss

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Losing weight can be a tremendous challenge. If your diet plan leaves you feeling hunger pangs, you can find it hard to make it from meal to meal without snacking. You might also find yourself overindulging during mealtimes, ignoring portion control and eating too much at a sitting.

At Sylvan Weight Loss and Aesthetics in Fresno, California, our team of weight loss specialists is experienced in tailoring plans for each individual. We can help you manage your weight loss challenges with appetite suppressants, if required. 

Appetite-related weight loss challenges

If you’re extremely overweight or obese, you may be faced with additional challenges when trying to succeed at weight loss, including overeating issues or eating constantly throughout the day. A burgeoning appetite can be one reason you’ll struggle with weight loss — your body doesn’t know you’re overweight and can kickstart cravings for food when you reduce your caloric intake. 

Your mental and emotional state can also affect your weight loss program and your appetite. If you’re eating to provide yourself with comfort, you’ll find it harder to stop eating certain foods, and you might mistake the need for comfort with actual hunger.

An appetite for food can also replace appetites for other things. If you’re also trying to quit smoking or drinking, you may transfer your appetite for alcohol or cigarettes to food. Being hungry all the time doesn’t always mean you’re truly hungry for food, but it can lead to weight gain if you indulge!

Prescription appetite suppressants

Appetite suppressants prescribed by your weight loss professional are designed to help you gain control over your appetite. They aren’t intended as a stand-alone solution, but should be part of a well rounded weight loss plan that includes good nutrition, portion control, and exercise. 


We may prescribe phentermine (including brand name ADIPEX-P®) to suppress your appetite and help you lose weight, especially if you are bulimic. Researchers believe this drug decreases your appetite by increasing neurotransmitter levels in your brain.


If you’re obese or extremely overweight and have additional risk factors like diabetes, we may prescribe phendimetrazine. This medication can be taken shortly before each regular mealtime, or an extended release version can be taken every morning to subdue cravings all day.


This is a brand-name version of the drug diethylpropion, and we’ll often prescribe it if you’re seriously overweight or obese and have had little or no luck with diet and exercise alone.  

Keeping weight off long-term

After we select a weight loss pill for you, we’ll carefully set a dose we believe you’ll find effective. Then we’ll titrate it up or down to find just the right level of medication to help you reach your goals without undue side effects. 

Once you’re a healthy weight, we’ll gradually wean you off the drug, lower the dose to maintenance level, or switch you to a supplement to help you keep the weight you’ve lost off for good. 

To learn more about the appetite suppressants, contact our office by phone at 559-432-3438 or request an appointment online today.