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Why Medically Supervised Weight-Loss Programs Are More Successful Than DIY Plans

female doctor consulting overweight woman in clinic

If you do an Internet search for “weight loss,” you’re rewarded with 3.5 trillion results in less than a second. To say that the world of weight loss is confusing would be a wild understatement, and unfortunately, it’s also full of gimmicks and products that do little to help you reach your body-weight goals. If you’re tired of sifting through the clutter and going it alone in your struggle to lose weight, a medically supervised weight-loss program provides you with real results that go the distance.

At Sylvan Weight Loss and Aesthetics, our team is devoted to the science of weight loss, and we’ve done our research. We understand the struggle that millions of Americans face in trying to lose weight, especially when they’re lured by products and services that all claim to be “the key” to weight loss. Unfortunately, these promises are largely hollow, and they aren’t backed up medically, which is where we can help.

A tailor-made solution

One of the biggest advantages of a medically supervised weight-loss program is that we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to weight loss. Each of us has a different body type, a different lifestyle, and different hurdles to overcome with dieting, and we take all of these things into consideration.

To get started, we thoroughly review your current health, your medical history, and your lifestyle to identify any areas that may need extra attention. For example, a good weight-loss program is often grounded in diet and exercise, but if you have limitations that prevent you from exercising, such as arthritis, we work around these hurdles.

As another example, if you have a medical condition that you need to accommodate nutritionally, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, we take this into account as well.

By tailoring your weight-loss program to your specific needs, we increase your chances of success and safeguard your health.

We’ve done the homework

As we mentioned above, there’s no shortage of products and services that make some very lofty claims when it comes to weight loss. The fact is that there’s no magic bullet that will melt away your fat, but there are effective, science-based tools that can help you shed the pounds.

For example, as part of our medically supervised weight-loss services, we offer the acupuncture staple, which is a tool that helps you lose weight by stimulating your vagus nerve, which controls your appetite and the activity of your stomach. 

As well, we offer the supplements your body can really use to lose weight, such as injections of vitamin B-12, which is known as the “energy” vitamin because it supports cell metabolism.

If you would benefit from meal replacements or appetite suppressants, we can work those into your individualized weight-loss plan. We’ve done our homework, and we understand the right balance of caloric intake to help you safely and effectively lose weight and keep it off.

The right support for your journey

Losing weight takes commitment and a bit of work on your end, and we’re here to support your efforts. As part of our weight-loss services, we ensure that you check in often so that we can monitor your progress and make any necessary tweaks along the way. The active role our team plays in your journey to lose weight not only provides you with critical support and encouragement, but we also give you a gentle push when needed to help you stay on track.

Rather than struggle with fad diets and empty promises that leave you little to show for the time and money you’ve expended, invest in your future in the best way possible with a medically supervised weight-loss program. To get started, contact our office in Fresno, California, to set up a consultation.